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沙燕之歌 電影《點五步》主題曲 Supper Moment MP3

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Title:Supper Moment -沙燕之歌【《點五步》電影主題曲】

Duration: 4:41

Quality:320 Kbps

沙燕之歌 電影《點五步》主題曲 Supper Moment Track Lists

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Hokkien culture

Minnan culture or Hokkien/Hoklo culture (Hokkien Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Bân-lâm bûn-hòa; Chinese: 閩南文化), also considered as the Mainstream Southern Min Culture, refers to the culture of the Hoklo people, a group of Han Chinese people who have historically been the dominant demographic in the province of Fujian (called "Hokkien" in the Hoklo language) in Southern China, Taiwan, Singapore, and certain overseas Chinese communities in Southeast Asia. This culture has been influenced by the cultures from Minyue (a branch of Baiyue people who inhabited Hokkien before sinicization of the region), China's Central Plain (most notably during Tang Dynasty and Song Dynasty), and Japan (due to Taiwan being a former Japanese colony). It encompasses the Hoklo language and its associated architecture, folk arts, cuisines, and large amount of folklore. Since 17th century, Hokkien culture has spread with Hoklo immigration to Taiwan, Singapore, and Southeast Asia. Its influence today can be seen in Taiwanese pop culture, resulting in it becoming an influential cultural force in Taiwan, Southern Fujian and Southeast Asia. The province of Fujian itself shows considerable linguistic and cultural diversity – Min Chinese languages, spoken across Fujian, have several dialects that have at best limited mutual intelligibility with one another. The focus of this article is on the culture of southern Fujian (around the cities of Amoy and Chinchew), the area where the Southern Min/Hoklo language is spoken, and also by far the most populous part of Fujian.

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